The Balancer: Install more power.

Maxout's Balancer optimizer makes a solar array perform as if it has extra panels, even in low light conditions. It greatly increases the value of a solar array with very little upfront cost and incredibly easy installation.

The Balancer is extremely compact and reliable, backed by an industry-leading warranty. Snap-together wiring and rugged construction ensures worry-free performance from the moment it's installed. And, it improves array performance even more as the array ages, ensuring a fast return on investment no matter what the future holds.

Longer strings—up to 32 panels—can be run through each Balancer, providing higher output over longer periods of the day to keep inverters operating at peak efficiency.

Because the Balancer improves performance in sub-optimal environments, panels can be installed in a wider range of locations and orientations. Peaked roofs, gables, and partially-shaded areas can be incorporated into the array.

The Balancer's wealth of real-time performance data lets installers maximize output during installation, and lets owners monitor system health from any smartphone, laptop or PC.  Conventional optimizers only report when a system is under performing; the Balancer tells you why, so you can pinpoint the cause and correct it.

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