More Power from Your Solar Array: The Polyverter

The Polyverter is an ultra-reliable, multimode inverter with integrated optimization, storage, and emergency back-up capability that is less than half the weight and cost of any other option.

 Twenty years ago, if you had solar panels installed on your roof they would likely be connected to a single inverter that interfaced with your utility panel. If there was a problem with your system you would notice it a month later when your electric bill went up. When the sun went down, so did your  PV system.

Fast-forward to 2020. Today, we expect so much more. Optimizers and microinverters let us know, in real-time, how much power is being produced. Not only can we see when it’s time to trim the elm tree (because the power from panel 8 has declined), our systems can tell us when we are generating more power than we are using and can suggest a good time to run a load of laundry.

The 2020 solar inverter functions as the heart and brain of a home’s power system. In addition to efficiently converting power from our solar panels, inverters are now tasked with coordinating and reporting system performance and usage, ensuring system safety, managing battery banks, and multimode operation, interfacing with the grid when it’s up and independently when it’s down.

The Polyverter was architected from conception to be an ultra-reliable hybrid inverter with integrated optimization, storage, and emergency back-up capability. It includes two patented breakthrough technologies that greatly reduce electronic size and cost, efficiently distribute heat, and provide built-in redundancies. The end result is a product that is less than half the weight, size, and cost of any other option. Our patented advantages are fundamental – Maxout owns the technology that forms the backbone for our superior inverter.

Maxout Polyverter - Solar PV inverter, optimizer, storage and backup capability in one

Watch this space to learn more about the game-changing Polyverter in the coming weeks and months.