More Power—When You Need it Most

The EverGrid lets you use your residential PV system when the grid is down, to keep the lights on and your refrigerator running.

In 2019 over 500,000 Californians lost their power during rolling blackouts. Many of these customers had solar arrays installed—but when the grid went down, their solar arrays went offline, too.

Over 2,000,000 American homes have solar installations. Almost all of them stop producing power when the grid goes down—precisely when we need them most. How can we avoid this? Do our solar arrays really need expensive battery storage to keep the lights on and to keep our food from spoiling?

At Maxout we certainly don’t think so. We are developing the EverGrid—an affordable, plug-in retrofit that keeps solar power flowing when the grid is out. Costing less than a generator, the EverGrid installs easily for whole-house power with any residential PV system. It provides enough surge capacity to run refrigerators, lights and air conditioning, and it even includes a detachable battery module for night-time power.

Watch this space to learn more about the game-changing EverGrid in the coming weeks and months.